This is our last week before Spring Break… it’s never easy when vacation looms, but this week is extra hard for me… two of my favorite ladies are going to be heading out for maternity leave. I know, I know, bringing babies into the world is serious business, but I don’t mind saying I’m being a little selfish in saying I’m going to miss them both terribly.

I’ve written about them both many times… here, here, and here.  Quite simply stated, they are two of the most amazing teachers, women, and people I know.  Loving, caring, firm, funny, dynamic – the adjectives I could use to describe them both are endless.  Oh, and they co-teach!  And they’re our third grade reading buddies… and they always have candy… and they always, always make me laugh… and I’m sure they could teach me how to not use so many run-on sentences.

Seeing them both daily is part of what gets me through my day.  In addition to all the love and affection I get from my sprouts, these two ladies are a major part of my adult support system and the fact that not one, but both of them are leaving at the same time (seriously, they swear they didn’t plan it this way, but I’m not so sure…) is just downright unfair.

So, this morning, with all my gusto, I came in and announced I was coming to visit them in their classroom every single day this week.  Every day.  And I meant it.

Those are some seriously lucky babies… and they don’t even know it yet.