Yesterday we kicked off our next PBL (Project Based Learning) Project – ‘Peace Week!’  We’re going to study the life of Dr. King and learn why his work was so important to our world and lives today.  Once we learn about his work, we’ll take that knowledge and design a ‘Peace Week’ for our school.

Martin-Luther-King-Jr-9365086-2-402Today I read the amazing My First Biography: Marting Luther King, Jr. and before I could even finish the book, Ernie shouted, “That’s not fair.”

I stopped.

“You’re exactly right, it wasn’t fair.  That’s why Dr. King decided he was going to change the minds of people and empower them to change the unfair laws.”

We finished the book, introduced our song, and then sat down to create a chart about who Dr. King was and what he wanted.

After a few items, I turned to the class and commented, “Wow.  You were really listening.  I’m so glad because this is really important work.”

This year, I have a very diverse class and this important work is more meaningful than ever.  As we talked about the challenges Dr. King faced in his lifetime, one little boy commented, “Hey, my skin is brown like his.”

I’m excited about the next four weeks (yes, our PBL will last that long) knowing how powerful history can be for my itty bitty friends.