Oh yes, it happens everyday.  My sprouts manipulate and often mangle the English language.  It’s part of the developmental process of learning – I get it, but it’s also extremely adorable.

Today, as I was assessing letters and sounds one on one, Joey came over and interrupted.  Now they know they aren’t supposed to bother me while I’m working one on one, but there was something super important he just had to tell me.

Joey was at the farm center and well, had done some farming.  He needed to report his progress to me.

“Mr. _____, oh my – we grew fetch-a-tables!” He shouted into my face.

“What did you grow?” I asked.  I knew what he said, I just wanted to hear it again.

“Fetch-a-tables!” He smiled.

“Good for you,” I replied, sending him on his way back to the farm.