A few days ago, at bus time, I had walked over to my computer to put my keys down from recess and saw an email that annoyed me. Without going into details, I wasn’t happy. As I walked over to the last group of kids lined up to head home, I let Mrs. D. know how angry I was.

To be clear, I didn’t use any profanity. I didn’t use any names. I didn’t raise my voice. She knew who sent the email and what the issue was. I was venting quietly and she, like the good friend she is, was listening.

Well, Audra, one of our brighter little sprouts, overheard me.

“Mr. A., are you and Mrs. D. having a fight?” She asked with sincere concern in her voice.

“Oh no, not at all. Mrs. D. and I don’t fight. We may not always agree, but we respect each other and always talk to each other in a kind way,” I told her.

“What are you so upset about?” She inquired.

“Just some grown up stuff, but nothing to do with Mrs. D.,” I reassured her.

Sometimes I forget that in addition to teaching our class how to read and write, Mrs. D. and I are modeling a caring and respectful relationship between a man and a woman, something new to some children. Although we don’t live together (yes, we’ve been asked), we’re friends and friends are kind… always.