Let me start by saying, above all else, I am not Pollyanna.  I do try to look at the glass as half full (depending on what’s in my glass) and I do smile… a lot, but I guess generally, I am just a happy guy.  I don’t apologize for that – it’s just who I am.

Today was a test for my positive energy.  About two minutes before my class arrived, I was notified my Ed Tech (who I only get until 10:30 and I wish I had all day, but I am grateful for the short amount of time I do get her because she is wonderful and I’m thinking this might be a major run on sentence by now but that’s the kind of day I had) was being pulled to fill in for someone else today.

Not a huge deal.  I refuse to do Literacy Centers all by myself because it’s not fair to the kids and really, it’s not fair to me.  So I quickly went to my desk to rearrange my plans for the morning.  I figured out what we could do whole group instead.  Add a story… some whole group white board work, a sound sort, maybe a little extra recess – done!  Yay me – I’m so flexible.  By the time the kids wandered in I was bragging to them how flexible I was… “You know, flexible means you can change your plans and not care!  You go with the flow, dude!”

By lunch I was feeling tired… and then I was asked to stay in the cafeteria during lunch to help out because those folks weren’t there or had been moved around or had spontaneously combusted or abducted by aliens, I’m not sure.  Oh, of course I’ll help out!  Look at me – I’m so flexible, like a reed swaying in the breeze!

By the time the day was over, I walked my kids down to be picked up with my hat and coat on.

“Mr. ______, I noticed your door was already shut and locked,” Someone commented.

“No appointment or meeting, I’m just ready to go home,” I smiled.

So I’m home, relaxing and just wanted to share how FLEXIBLE I was today! Again, YAY ME!  I’m guessing YOU are more flexible than you know too. Take a minute and pat yourself on the back for me.