At my new school, food in the classroom is welcomed, celebrated, even loved. With zero allergies in my class this year (woo-hoo!), I’m exploring theme based snacks like never before.

To be clear, I’m not super crafty or handy in the kitchen, but thanks to the internet and Pinterest, I’ve found some amazing ‘Crafty Food’ ideas I’ve been sharing with my class.  Most have been healthy, but I did bake twenty plus butterfly sugar cookies and let them decorate them… with icing… and sprinkles.  Folks said I was crazy to let them do it, but I figured, why not?  I had one little girl tell me she’d never eaten a home baked cookie.  Her comment alone made the hassle worth it.

I also cut out leaves from cheese, cucumbers, and peppers for fall trees.  Never have I done that before and I’m not sure I’ll be doing it again anytime soon… at least not until next fall.  It wasn’t particularly fun for me, but the kids loved making and eating their fall trees.

The other kindergarten teacher at my school (yes, there is only one other and I love it that way) suggested apple faces.  I had never made apple faces before… I guess I had a neglected depraved childhood void of McDonald’s and apple faces.  Seriously, they were so easy and fun to eat.  Some were smiling and some were sad, but they were all tasty just the same.

Do you have special snacks in your class?  Anything wonderful I should try with my sprouts? Please comment and link away! I’m becoming a kindergarten chef!