David is a rotund little fellow who simply adores food.  I’ve never met a kindergartner who loves food as much as David.  He talks about being hungry and eating all the time.  He even writes about food.  To be clear, he isn’t malnourished in any way… quite the opposite.  The boy just loves to eat.

Here are my favorite examples of David’s infatuation with food.

  • His first story in Writing Workshop was about a jelly donut.  When he was illustrating the donut (there was nothing else in the picture, just a giant, detailed donut) he was literally drooling.
  • He doesn’t know all his sight words yet, but he has the school cafeteria menu memorized.
  • At play dough, he’s been known to not follow the ‘no eating’ rule.
  • In the kitchen center, he never wants to be the chef, but only wants to sit and be served food. 
  • One day, he lifted his head from his table after Quiet Time and, I swear, said, “I was having the best dream about pot roast and mashed potatoes…”

David almost always has a smile on his face.  When I ask him what he’s thinking about, it’s almost always food related.  I love a boy who appreciates the finer things in life… David surely knows good eats.