Well, Christmas is over and so the barrage of year end ‘best of’ lists’ has begun.  It would be easy, and maybe even a little fun, for me to reminisce about the last year, after all, I did have some rather major changes, but instead, I’m going to try and look forward.

ffIn January, we’ll be starting a new PBL called Peace Week.  Over three weeks we’ll learn about Dr. King and then plan a ‘Peace Week’ for the entire school.  There is still quite a lot to plan and get ready, and for sure, there might be some bumps in the road since it’s the first time doing it, but we will do it.  And learn while we’re having fun.

I’m hoping for some snow.  Actually lots of snow.  It’s winter and we need snow.  I bought some hot cocoa to make during a cold snowy day, but we need an assist from Mother Nature or else that Swiss Miss is going to stay stashed in my ‘kitchen’ cupboard.  The day before vacation, inspired my partner kindergarten teacher, I started turning the cabinets above the sink into a ‘kitchen’.  In January, I hope to finish the ‘transformation’.

About two weeks before break I started small reading groups.  Yes, my sprouts are ready to to read!  For me, reading groups are more like one or two kids, but anyway you slice it, we’re reading.  I’m excited to continue reading and have my kids soar.

My new school also has something called a ‘Winter Cabaret’ and since the organizer is Ms. C., my ed tech, and I said, ‘Sure, I’ll help out’, I’m now co-hosting with a fourth grader.  Last week I was upstairs, where the third, fourth, and fifth graders live and saw a posting of all the acts in the show. Apparently, I am doing a ‘Robot Dance’ with a third grader too.  Who knew? This kid has moves, so I better start practicing to keep up with him!

Beyond that, I’m looking forward to screening.  My new school has a preschool classroom and I’ve been visiting.  They know their alphabet, many sounds, and are even starting to write already!  I can’t wait to have some of these new little friends in September.

But first, we’ll graduate from kindergarten.  I have some ideas cooking for end of the year projects and celebrations.  Nothing firm yet, but it’s all brewing.  There will be some tears, lots of laughter, and of course, a million hugs.

I’m sure, there will be some surprises too.  There always are in kindergarten… daily.  But I plan the best I can and then go with the flow.

What are you excited about in the new year?  Any big plans?  Please share with me!