I have a ‘Free Hugs’ t-shirt and wore it to school a few weeks ago.  I didn’t think much of it.  My class loved it and over this last week, a few of them have been asking me to wear it again.  Yesterday, one little boy came out and just said, “Mr. ______, please wear the ‘free hugs’ shirt!”

So today, I wore it.

freehugs-434This morning, as they unwrapped themselves from winter gear, one of them spotted my shirt.

“Free hugs!” He shouted.

They huddled around me in various states of coat removal and hugged me.

All day long, kids, in my class and those not, came up to me, said, ‘Free Hugs!’ and would take one.  Even a few teachers got them.

To be clear, when I’m not wearing the shirt, I don’t charge for hugs.  Then again, maybe if I did, I’d be super rich.  I get a lot of hugs in the course of a day.

Even our third grade reading buddies asked for hugs.  Apparently, third graders (and their teacher) aren’t too cool for hugs, which I’ll take as a good sign for our world’s future.

If you don’t own a ‘Free Hugs’ shirt, I highly recommend investing in one. You’ll recoup the expense after your first time wearing it.