Thankfully, many teachers at my school are patient with me.  Mrs. T. is one of them.  As I walked down the hallway to pick my kids up, I saw her at the front of her line, carrying two very large boxes.

Now I happen to know Mrs. T. is moving this week and gathering boxes. When I saw a lovely lady carrying two large boxes and a line of able bodied kids behind her, I had to intervene.

Stopping her line, I addressed the two boys right behind her at the front of the line.

“Boys, don’t you see your teacher carrying these two large boxes?” I asked.

They looked at me like I was a nut.  Of course they saw her.

“Well, you may not know this because you’re only in first grade, but when a boy sees a lady carrying something, it’s polite to offer to carry them,” I finished.

With that, I took the boxes from Mrs. T.’s hands and handed one to each boy.

“It’s not that she’s not able to carry them, it’s just the kindly thing to offer.  That my friends, is called being a gentleman,” I said as they walked away.

Mrs. T. thanked me, but she may, like her students, think I’ve got a screw or two lose.  I’m perfectly fine with that.