This morning I was out for a meeting.  Yawn.  After lunch, I came back to hugs, hugs, and Billy telling me, “Gosh, you’re handsome.

Then I was showered with kindergarten gifts.  I received three stickers and a bracelet.

The stickers were given to me by two girls and a boy.  They were place right on the pocket of my shirt in this order:

Now, I’m pretty sure I did a ‘Good Job!’ at some point today, and the flower was sweet, but I’m not sure what the lion was meant for… am I ferocious from time to time?  Do I purr like a kitty?  Who knows, but I thanked them each just the same.

Now Robert had a special gift for me – a bracelet he made himself!  It was kind of tight and I worried I might break it as I tried for a minute to slip it over my hand.  He’d already taped it shut, so I had to be quite careful.  Much to his delight, I eventually shimmied it on.

All afternoon Robert lifted his wrist and smiled at me nodding.  At bus time he informed me, “You can even sleep in it.”

I swear, the gifts I get are awesome.  My birthday is in a few weeks – what will they dazzle me with then?