We read Katy and the Big Snow again… really, what isn’t better than a little red snow plow?  The kids just adore this story and the maps we make to go with it.  We always work on our maps with pencil first, then after we add the details and label the places on the map, we color and finally, add some snow. The snow is just some simple stuffing glued to the maps.

Well this year, we decided to add some glitter too!  Why?  Why not?  After all, snow does sparkle!  In the past I’ve been a little hesitant to use glitter… it makes SUCH a mess.  For some reason (I’m still not positive why), my glitter aversion has completely disappeared.  It started by shaking the glitter off the maps into the trash… I accidentally spilled some on a sprout’s head.  That was the beginning… and the end.  I then just had to put some on each child’s head.  When one asked me why, I replied, “Glitter is magic and so are you!”

This made perfect sense to kindergartners.

There was glitter everywhere by the end of the day… including on me… and I couldn’t have cared less.  Surrender to the glitter!