When I taught second grade, my students made a Grateful Book each year. They were truly amazing.  Now in kindergarten, we make a Grateful Placemat with what we’re most grateful (almost always a family member, occasionally a pet, but never toys or material objects).  This year, as we pause to give thanks, I’d like to put it here, in writing, how grateful I am for the blessings I experience each day in my classroom.

I am grateful for the district that not only supports my creativity, but celebrates and encourages it.

I am grateful for my principal who sets the precedent by working harder than anyone else in the building… seriously, she is out at recess everyday, in classrooms, hallways, you name it, she’s there.  Sometimes I wonder if she has a clone…

I am grateful for my the other kindergarten teacher who is open to my wacky ideas and seems to save me time and time again when I need something – usually craft related.

I am grateful for the EdTech (Educational Technician) who, though is only in my room for a couple of hours a day, makes it seem like she’s always there. She makes me laugh when I feel like I’m going to cry and I make her cry daily (each time a child reads for the first time, or does anything for the first time).

I am grateful for all the teachers at my school – really, ALL OF THEM. They’re all wonderful people whose dedication to their students inspires me daily.  We have almost an entirely new Special Ed staff this year and each one them is a perfect fit.

I am grateful for our custodian.  He’s SO much more than a custodian I feel bad even calling him that.  This guy is a true gem – he walks with kids when they’re upset, he reads with kids to calm them down, he plays ball with them, oh – and he keeps my room spotless.

I am grateful for our secretary – who at seventy, looks and acts more like fifty and shows no signs of slowing down.  She visits our classroom each day and the kids adore her just as much as the staff.

I am grateful for the lunch ladies.  Quite simply, they ROCK.  I’ve already dedicated an entire post to them.

I am grateful for a five minute commute.  Really, SO grateful.

I am grateful for the parents and families who share their children with me each day – no greater gift has ever been given.

I am grateful for the hugs and smiles my students shower me with daily.  One time I tried counting, but I got distracted by something, I can’t remember what, and lost count.  My students are probably the sweetest little creatures on the planet and they come in daily ready and willing to let me help them learn and grow.

I am blessed.

What are you grateful for this year?