Oh what a day!  When I got in my car this morning, as I waited a few minutes for my car to warm up (really, how long are you supposed to wait?  I never get past two minutes), I took a sip from my tea (I start the week with tea and am stopping for coffee by Friday) and saw this on the tea bag:

I took this photo right away, because I knew I’d forget to if I didn’t.

This was pretty deep for a tea bag, but I took it as reminder – a sign.  What we ‘give’ to our students is truly priceless and if my importance is based on that, I’m going to be winning some gold medals for greatness!

So my day… More hugs than you can count.  One of my little ELL girls literally clung to me during an entire story.  It was pretty awesome.  By snack time this morning, I realized, ‘Wow, I really missed them.’ Sure a few had a tough time reentering, but others did better than I could have hoped.

By lunch I couldn’t help think to myself, ‘Whoa – this job is more exhausting than I remembered…’

Seriously.  I know my job is tiring, but for some reason, the days off had tricked my brain into forgetting.

By Center Time, I was glad to have a few minutes to sit while the kids played.  And then, a second grader, who I don’t really know, walked into my room.

I only saw him because a little boy shouted, “Mr. ______ – LOOK!”

And I looked.

There he was, standing with a paper.

I walked over to him and he handed the paper to me.

“What’s this?” I asked.

He didn’t say anything, so I just read it.

 ‘Days have been hard but don’t let that stop you.’

I was speechless.  For those who know me, it doesn’t happen often.  This boy, who I didn’t know, brought me this, just as I needed it.

Finally, after a minute, I said, “Wow.  What made you make this for me?”

“I heard you tell some kids in the hallway some days can be hard and I wanted to let them know not to give up,” he replied.

I thanked him for the picture, gave him a pat on the back, and he ran off.

I shared it with my class and then posted it above my desk.  Sometimes wisdom – and greatness – comes from unlikely places.