Yesterday, I had the honor of presenting at SDE’s New England Conference for Pre-K-Third Grade conference. I’ve attended in the past and one of SDE’s employees stumbled onto my blog a few years ago and we’ve been trying to make it happen ever since.  Now in my current role as a Literacy Coach, I’m afforded the opportunity to give staff development throughout the year.  The difference is, I usually have the pleasure of collaborating with my amazing coaching colleague and I’m presenting to staff I know and work with daily.  Yesterday, I was in a room full of unfamiliar faces.

Naturally, I was a little nervous.  An unfamiliar place, unfamiliar faces, and, to top it off, they made me wear a microphone.  My presentation went well.  The feedback was quite positive and I left feeling proud of myself. Every time we take a step outside of our comfort zone and try something new, even if it feels scary, we grow. Isn’t that what we tell kids all the time?  Take risks to grow.

This evening, I have another first – co-hosting a Twitter chat.  After my post about dealing with ADD my entire life, I started a conversation with someone on Twitter – she asked questions, I answered and we ended up deciding this might be an opportunity to share and get ideas with others in the Twitterverse.  If you’re interested, all the information you need to participate is here.

Presentations in big rooms of new faces…

Twitter chats with colleagues around the globe…

What will you do to step outside your comfort zone and promote personal growth?