Yesterday, during our Morning Meeting, the sharing was almost exclusively about Halloween. This was fully expected. We heard about everyone’s costumes, a few plans for Halloween parties, and even some of the members of trick-or-treating groups. With a holiday like Halloween, this is anticipated. What’s also expected are a few totally random, and quite unexplainable sharing moments.

About two-thirds around the circle, after every single sprout had shared at least their costume, one little boy shared, “I’m really excited for Christmas Eve!”

Really? O.K.

Finally, as the sharing was almost complete, and again, almost every child shared something about Halloween, a little girl shared, “I love… something!”

Sure you do.

Ah, I suppose, as Sally says in the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, it really is time for ‘tricks or treats’… in kindergarten we always get a little of both.