And just like that, summer is over.  Tomorrow is my first official day of work (I’ve been working for a few weeks now, delivering some PD with my coaching partner, meeting new staff, etc.).  The awesome, New Teacher Induction awaits.  It’s Happy New (School) Year!

I will learn about Blood Born Pathogens (trust me, I’ve dealt with many bloody noses, sometimes it gets on you and you just wash it off) and Special Education Regulations.  I will be served free food that I probably won’t want to eat, but will scarf down anyway because – free food.  I will meet other new staff and we’ll have an unspoken understanding of being ‘newbies’ and this will help us band together.  I will iron a shirt and put on big boy pants and maybe even a belt.

I’m already loving so much about my new job – even before officially starting.  My coaching partner, who not only coaches teachers, but now, me, helps me in more ways than I could write about – she’s the type of partner everybody wants – supportive, helpful, caring, and brilliant.  I’ve started meeting some of the new staff I’ll be working with and, like most teachers, they’ve proven open, caring, and welcoming.  I’m starting to understand the work ahead of me and I like it.  It’s good work, supporting and lifting teachers, working alongside them to dig deeper in finding what works best for kids.

I’m a little anxious about working in two schools – wanting to be a part of the school community, knowing I have to split my time, hoping to find a place in both buildings.  I know it is possible (my coaching partner has done it), it’s just going to take some time and effort on my part.

What I’m really looking forward to are the kids.  When the kids get off the buses and march inside the buildings, that’s when the school really comes alive.  This year, my focus is on teachers, not kids, but ultimately we’re all in this for the children, right?  Once their smiling faces walk in the door, everything begins to fall into place.  While my work may be mostly with teachers, that work will be about kids.  And with kids.  And I’m going to be reading a lot of books to kids.  And writing with kids.  I’m going to be very happy with all this reading and writing.

I’m hopeful for this new journey.  It’s scary taking a new job, in a new district, with new people, but if you never take a risk, you’ll never know how awesome the rewards can be. So here I stand, at the edge, ready to take a leap, and, hopefully, soar.