I know, I know, some folks don’t love Valentine’s Day.  For me, in kindergarten anyway, Valentine’s isn’t about romantic love, but all about being a kind and caring friend.  That’s how I present it and they really do love each other and want to show it.

We had a hectic, but fun filled day.  I made heart shaped waffles, we sang our Valentine’s Day song a few times and then had our celebration.  All we really do is have a few healthy treats and read our cards from friends.  The whole thing takes about twenty minutes or so, but they are more than thrilled with the event.

Today, two things stuck out for me.

First, Celia, a little girl who came to kindergarten speaking no English (we’re talking none) and still speaks very little, walked up to me and presented me a card.  The first thing I noticed was there was writing all over the envelope – mostly random letters by her, but on the front, someone, not her, had written her dad’s name in pen.

I then opened it and found this:


Clearly, this was not a Valentine’s Day card.  After opening it, I realized, as was my hunch, it was indeed given to her dad at Christmas.

“Celia, I think this is a card for your dad… Papa?” I asked.

She shook her head fast and said, “No – you!”

With that I took it and held it against my heart as she gave me a big hug.  I proudly put it on my desk with the other cards from sprouts.

As our celebration was winding down, Joey, who doesn’t slow down often, ran up to me, wrapped his arms around my waist, and gave me a big squeeze.  As I looked down at him, he rested his chin on my stomach and said, with more conviction thank I’ve ever heard from him whispered, “Happy Balentime’s Day Mr. ______.”

Between my card and special hug, it was one of my best Valentine’s ever.