Teaching kindergarten with a headache is not fun… I don’t recommend it.  It started out as a dull ache that progressively got worse as the day progressed. By the time I was wrangling my group during bus duty, I was craving the little blue pills that might bring some relief… Advil.  To my dismay, my bag was dry.  Foolishly, I had taken the last one and not refilled the bottle.  Ugh. I drove home without harming myself or anyone and headed straight for the medicine cabinet.

SO, my advice to you.  Don’t teach kindergarten with a headache… then again, maybe that’s what cause the headache.

I didn’t look quite like this, but I feel it illustrates how I was feeling.

I would never stick my tongue out at school, though… Did I have a smile on my face?  You betcha…