How freakin’ lucky am I to teach kindergarten?  My days are long, exhausting, and I wouldn’t change a thing. There are moments that reach out and grab you and remind you that you are so much more than just a ‘teacher’ to these kids.  You are a hero and many days, one of them can be yours.

This morning, during breakfast, Collin, who has been struggling with his name since the start of school, informed me, “Mr. ______, I can write my name by myself!”

Now I’ve been working with him on his name everyday for forty-three days. Every adult in my room has been working with him.  He is a bright boy, but really struggles with fine motor and attention issues.  Writing his name has been more challenging than I would wish for any child.  It’s November and everyone else can write their names by now.

Well I didn’t wait a second.  I grabbed a piece of paper and pencil, kneeled right down and had him show me.  And he did it.  It was slow.  Some of the letters were reversed.  Some of the letters were giant.  But he did it.  By himself.

“Stand up.”

He stood, I opened my arms, and he fell into them.

At that moment, I’m not sure if I was his hero or he was mine, but it was just brilliant.  Amazing.  Awesome.