As any of you know who have taken over a room from someone else, there is often hidden treasure lurking around every corner.  The room I took over at my new school was from a teacher moving schools and changing grades.  She took most of her belongings, but left quite a bit too.  I tried to go through it and get rid of whatever I didn’t think I would use, but more often than not, I kept many things.  I also had very little time to setup my room before school began and many drawers and shelves never really got looked at.

Well yesterday afternoon, as I was bringing out giant floor puzzles for Center Time, I found one way in the back of the shelf I had neglected to see.  For the record, my boys this year are puzzle whizzes.  They will pick puzzles over almost any other Center – even Lego’s and that’s saying something.

This particular puzzle was a number train.  After putting the puzzle together, the boys asked me if they could use some of my pointers to point and read the numbers.  Duh?  Of course!

We are working on learning the tricky teen numbers and this puzzle was a perfect way to reinforce the concept.  I just love it when my sprouts have fun learning.