As I prepare to go back to school tomorrow after not seeing my sprouts for nine days (we had some teacher only time last week) and quite a few days of resting and relaxation, I can’t help but think, wow, how lucky am I to not hate going back to work. Don’t get me wrong, by the time the last cherub gets on the bus tomorrow afternoon, I will most likely feel like I’ve been run over by a bus, but I’ll have a big smile on my face after just receiving forty or fifty ‘I missed you’ hugs… see kindergartners have a hug for every occasion.

  • The ‘I’m not going to see you for two whole days Friday afternoon’ hug
  • The ‘I just learned something new and oh my gosh I’m so smart’ hug
  • The ‘I’m not going to see you for an entire week because we have break’ hug
  • The ‘I just somehow cut myself and you gave me a band-aid’ hug
  • The ‘You just made me feel like a million bucks’ hug
  • The ‘You were out sick yesterday and the sub was really mean I’m so glad you’re back’ hug
  • The ‘You’re my hero and for no good reason except I love you’ hug
  • The ‘I haven’t seen you since three o’clock yesterday afternoon’ hug
  • The ‘You look down and I’m not sure why because I’m five but this might help’ hug
  • The ‘Whatever lesson, game, or song we just did was super fun and you’re an amazing teacher’ hug
  • And as mentioned above, the ‘Dear Lord, I missed you’ hug

With a hug silo like that in each of my little friends, going to work is never a chore. When my alarm goes off super early tomorrow morning and I’m dragging myself out of bed, I’ll be sure to remember those hugs. Which hugs are your favorite? Did I forget any?