Yes, you read that correctly.  This is only the FIRST giveaway of the amazing, wonderful, dare I say it, brilliant, series of Stuart J. Murphy’s I See I Learn series of books.  Murphy has created a cast of characters that every preschool and kindergarten teacher is going to love sharing with their sprouts.  Many times authors approach me about reviewing and/or doing a giveaway… in this case, I approached Mr. Murphy.

There are eight books in the series.  Each title introduces a different character, but more importantly, helps to visually teach a specific social skill.  The illustrations are colorful and engaging, but the text really helps bring, what can sometimes be abstract, concepts alive for our littlest learners.

Even better (yes, it gets better), Stuart has some amazing FREE resources on his website you can download and use with the books.

The first four books I’m giving away are:

1. Good Job, Ajay (building confidence) – Have I mentioned how much I adore these books?  Ajay can’t throw the ball as far or well as his friends.  By remembering other times in his life when something wasn’t easy to do (talk to his new teacher and learning to swim), Ajay realizes he can do almost anything with the help and support of others. This book reminds children to be persistant and practice when something is difficult.

2. Freda Plans a Picnic (sequencing) – Freda loves picnics and wants to have one of her own.  She has to go through each step (pack, carry, unpack, eat, clean up).  Sequencing is such an important skill for kindergartners and I love how when each step is explained in the narrative, a visual cue is given in the upper right hand corner of the page.  Each step builds on the next until they are all there.  Awesome!

3. Camille’s Team (cooperation) – Camille wants to build a sand fort, but it’s hard to do all the work by herself.  After all her friends try unsuccessfully to complete forts on their own, they make a plan to work together.  By working as a team, Camille and her friends share in all the fun when they cooperate.

4. Freda is Found (Getting help when lost) – It’s every teacher’s nightmare…  Losing a student on a field trip!  There are days when I’m grateful not to lose a child in the classroom, but I digress.  In this story, Freda does indeed get lost on a field trip, but by staying calm and knowing how to find help the right way, Freda stays safe.  Phew!

I’m so happy to make these books part of the Social Skills library in my classroom, but even more thrilled I get to share some of them with you!

Now the nitty gritty.  There will be four winners, with winner one receiving the first book, winner two the second, and so on.   I will use a good ol’ random number website to pick four winners.

Winners must have a mailing address in the U.S. to save on my shipping costs.  To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is visit HERE.  While not required, I would love for you to comment on which book you’re most interested in and how you think you might use it in your classroom.  If you comment, I’ll give you an additional entry!

You can enter once a day from now until Thursday, August 25th.  Winners will be announced on Friday, August 26th.  Good luck!

What’s even more exciting is I have four MORE books to give away.  Look for the next giveaway of Percy Gets Upset, Emma’s Friendwich, Write On, Carlos, and Percy Plays It Safe this fall.  Don’t delay, ENTER now!