This is the most ridiculous story I’ve ever written.  I’m almost embarrassed at how silly it is… almost.  Lucky for you, it takes an awful lot to ridicule me into sumbission.

This week we learned all about beavers.  They really are fascinating animals. I found an IMAX documentary on Netflix about Beavers that was short (just under thirty minutes) and so amazing, we actually watched it twice.  The kids wanted to see it again.  Seriously, it was brilliant.

In addition to the many books and activities (making our own toothpick dams was quite the undertaking), we had a mascot. Last year, I bought a beaver stuffed animal.  I found one that was rather realistic looking and had all the important qualities we’d be learning about beavers (flat tail, webbed feet, etc.).

Well, as I plopped him on my lap, of course, someone shouted out, “What’s his name?”

You see, we name all our stuffed animals and puppets in kindergarten.  Now I hadn’t really thought of a name for this little guy, so without, well, really contemplating the stupidity of it, I replied, “Oh, this is… Justin Beaver.”

Now, every child in my class knows how the Biebs is.  A cacophony of laughter followed.  And the name stuck.  All week long Justin Beaver was on my lap as we learned about beavers.  I hope they remember some of the facts we learned about beavers and not only Justin… maybe the power of the Biebs will help them recall some of the information.