Today, as the afternoon started to wind down, Ms. C., my dear ed tech and friend came in with a look on her face that I knew wasn’t good.  Clearly something was wrong.  My students were reading with their third grade buddies as she handed me her phone with the headline of today’s tragedy.

As I read the details of the horror that took place in that kindergarten classroom, probably much like my own, I was overcome by anger and sadness.  I then looked at the clock and realized, it was time to transition.  I had to put my feelings aside and focus on my job – my sprouts.

As teachers around the country heard the news, they focused, as we always do, on our students.  I suspect, as the news comes out and hopefully, begins to focus on victims instead of the perpetrators, I know we will hear stories of brave, heroic teachers.

We know, when parents send us their children, their most precious gifts, we are given a huge responsibility.  Not only are we charged with educating and loving them, above all else, our job is to keep them safe.  Just as parents would, most teachers I know would put themselves in harms way to protect their students.  We take our role seriously.

As we try to understand the why behind this horrible nightmare, I would ask that we try to focus on the antidote – love.  Love is the cure for fear, hate, anger, violence, and all negativity.  We need to love each other and our children through this – knowing, even though this may have not happened at our school, it could have.

These poor beautiful children need to be remembered and celebrated.  As parents hug their children a little tighter tonight, remember the same for your students Monday morning.  They are the truest gifts we are given each day we goto school and, above all else, we need to love, love, love them.

My heart aches for the community and I wish nothing but peace for them.