Today during Writing Workshop, I worked with Sophia.  She came in a struggling learner and has made slow progress.  We’ve worried about her and have had her parents working with her on some of the concepts she’s had trouble with – with limited success.

As I helped her with her writing, I got quite a shock.

“What’s the next word in your sentence?” I asked.

“My grampy and me made a snowman… made, it’s made,” she replied.

“Hmmm, made isn’t on our wordlist…” I began.

Each child has a copy of their word lists from our daily sight word work in their writing folder.  As they write, if a word is on their list, they can simply copy it… if not, they use their alphabet chart to sound out the word… Made isn’t on the list and I knew it.

“Well, made isn’t on our list, but make is… if I just change the /k/ to a /d/ that will be made!” She exclaimed.

With that, my mouth dropped open and I was left speechless.

After a few seconds I told her how smart she is and then walked over to tell Mrs. D. and any other adult I could get my hands on.  Sometimes their smartness amazes me.