One of the unexpected side effects of having four ELL students that speak almost no English is I’m learning more Spanish than my high school Spanish teacher ever taught me.  For every English word I teach them, they teach me a Spanish one.  I guess there really is something to be said for language immersion.

Yesterday when we had our Butterfly Celebration and released the butterfly, I heard a chorus of ‘Adios Mariposa!’ from my friends.  All of them.  We are all learning Spanish.

To celebrate my new ELL friends and my new found Spanish (I’m really a pro at ‘Sit up’ and ‘Quiet please’), I’m giving away FOUR Spanish language versions of Stuart J. Murphy’s amazing I See I Learn books.  My hope is these books will help you as much as I know they’ll help me with your Spanish speaking amigos.

I’ve been using the English versions with much success this year.  I can’t wait to pull my Spanish speaking sprouts over in a small group and explore these versions in their native tongue.  These skills are too important not to fully understand.  I also have a third grade reading buddy that is completely bilingual – I may have her help me with this task.

SO, there are four books and will be four winners.  To save on my shipping costs, winners must have a shipping address in the U.S.  The contest will run through 10/12/12.  Use the rafflecopter widget below to enter.  Good Luck!

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