Today we made our Martin Luther King models.  They are so hard, but also so much fun.  I show the kids a finished model and then quickly free cut from construction paper to show them how to make the shapes needed for his face.  I then projected a super size photo onto the SmartBoard for them to look at while they worked.

IMG_3050I’m lucky I had a helper from third and fourth grade at every table.  Per my instructions, there were no helpers cutting, just guiding, reminding, and encouraging.  It was awesome to stand back and watch how far they’ve come since September, when many of them didn’t even know how to hold scissors.  Now they were cutting an entire model face freehand!

After lunch, when I had hung them in the hallway to show off our work (not one, but two teachers commented these are their favorite project we do), another teacher stopped to chat with me about a student.  As we spoke, Ernie came up to ask me a question.  Thinking I would impress the teacher I was speaking with, pointing to the models on the wall, I asked Ernie, “Who is this?”

He took a second.  Then a breath.  He knew this.  We read a book.  We made a chart.  We made a model of his face.

“Um, Martin, Luther… Baby!” He blurted out and then smiled and walked away.

“We’re working on it,” I promised her.

“No, I think Martin Luther, Baby is the best answer he could have given,” she assured me.

We will continue to study and I’m so happy with the connections and learning we’re making already.