Cough season is among us.  We practice good coughing etiquette in our classroom… we cover with our elbows.  For the most part, this really does help (no sickness for me so far!).  Every once in a while a sprout comes in with cough drops.  For safety reasons, we keep them in the nurses office and bring them down if they really start coughing or ask for one.

Today, a little guy asked to go get a drop and Mrs. D. obliged. Now these were the sweet cherry drops, not the serious ones. About ten minutes after he returned, the drop fell out of his mouth onto the floor.

“Oh no, my cough drop fell out!” He exclaimed.

Without missing a beat, Mrs. D. replied, “Oh, I’m sure you got most of the medicine out of it already.”

Are you kidding me?  Clearly there was no real medicine in that drop.  I chuckled when she walked over near me and she notified me, “You think fast on your feet when your a mom.”