Yesterday, I had my first real ‘work’ meeting for my new job.  Now it just so happens, my new partner, Susan, is also a friend of mine, so our ‘work meeting’ started off with over an hour of chatting – some work related and some not.  As I started to worry about how productive our planning meeting would be, we naturally started to veer towards the task at hand and I realized, this new partnership is going to be exciting for me on many levels.

Susan (although she’d probably deny it), is by most in my area, considered a Literacy Guru.  Maybe that’s not the correct term for her… perhaps Literacy Goddess?  Susan has been a classroom teacher for many, many years, teaching a myriad of grades from K-5 as well as worked as an adjunct professor at our local university, a literacy coach, and even a librarian. Now she’s my partner as a Literacy Strategist. The woman knows literacy.  More importantly, she isn’t afraid to share her expertise and genuinely wants those around her to learn and gain from her experience.

As I sat in at her kitchen table and we talked about some of the minutiae of my new job, I began to realize, not only am I more than capable of being successful (Hello?  McFly!  They hired you!), but Susan is going to be there helping me, guiding me, listening to me, nudging me, making sure.

It’s one of the aspects about education I love most.  Along my now ten plus year journey, I’ve found mentors along each step of the way.  Ladies (yes, in my case, they’ve all been women) who have allowed me to just ‘be’ in their greatness and soak it all in.  Fran, Emily, Karen, Pat, Sue, and now Susan – they’re not just amazing teachers, they’re remarkable in their willingness to allow others to bask in their greatness and maybe, just maybe, allow them to become better teachers themselves.  To all of my mentors, I’m eternally grateful.