What is it about the monkey bars that just does it for kindergartners?  Today, as we walked outside, I swear to you, I heard a little boy shout at the top of his lungs, “Look out monkey bars, here I come!”

They try and try to get across.  Some can do it on day one and for others it takes all year.  It’s a good lesson in persistence and I’m more than happy to cheer them on.  If I had a nickel for every time a sprout asked, “Mr. ______ can you watch me on the monkey bars?” I’d have a whole lot of nickels.

I’ve been known from time to time to give a little help on the monkey bars too.  Sometimes, when a really small child is trying and trying and needs a boost, I’ll give a little assistance… it’s what my job is all about… providing a rescue to a child about to fall never goes unthanked.

What I love most about the monkey bars is the sheer determination I see on their faces.  They know the mountain they have to climb and even for those who it may be insurmountable, they give it their all.  How can you not appreciate that gusto?

Forget the slide and swings; the monkey bars rule the playground!