Last weekend, a friend of mine (not a teacher), commented to me, “You know, everyone remembers their kindergarten teacher.”

Naturally, that got us talking about ours and me reflecting on my own kindergarten experience.  I’m not someone who remembers every detail about events from long ago… maybe that’s why I began writing, so I would. In any event, kindergarten was quite a long time ago, but here are the few remembrances I have.

  • My teacher’s name was Mrs. White.  This was ironic because she wasn’t. I remember my five-year-old self thinking her skin was the color of chocolate and I really loved chocolate.  
  • Mrs. White had beautiful curly hair. Up until that point, I had hated my own curly hair and always had wished it was straight like most of my peers… seeing her curls made me love my own just a little.
  • Mrs. White never yelled.  Never.  I remember she always used a soft voice and smiled almost all the time.
  • We had serious nap time.  There were cots and darkness and sleeping… 
  • Being the line leader was a big deal for the simple fact that you got to hold Mrs. White’s hand.  Her hand felt like the softest thing I’d ever touched… I loved being first.
  • Mrs. White was, above all else, kind.  She taught us kindness was a virtue worth having and showing.

That’s about all I remember about kindergarten and Mrs. White.  Funny, I don’t remember learning much… I’m sure I learned quite a bit that year, it’s just not in my memory.  I’m betting if I told Mrs. White that today, she would be quite pleased with this fact.  She made me feel special and really, what greater gift could she give?