There is not much cuter than a bunch of kindergartners in pajamas.  Ever the trooper, I wear mine as well… I don’t really corner the market on ‘cute pajamas’ so I always look out for cool ones just for the occasion.  This year, I was lucky enough to spot some Muppet pajamas.

Because of the new Muppet Movie, most of the sprouts are at least somewhat familiar with the Muppets, but it was the other teachers who loved them most.  Almost everyone who commented on them, had some fond memory to share about being a child and watching The Muppet Show.

What I always loved about the Muppets was their humor was always just a little over childrens’ heads.  Jim Henson always said Sesame Street was for children, but The Muppets were for adults.

After heading over to The Muppet Personality test, turns out I’m Kermit. Not sure my legs are so long and skinny, but I do love a good song to calm the masses.  Kermit was always my favorite… I’m not sure why, but I always felt a connection with him. I distinctly remember having a Kermit stuffed animal as a kid and just loving the fur off of him.  What Muppet are you?