As I setup my new room, two new items I’ve found on Pinterest have become my favorite new ‘things’ in my room.

First, my door.  When I saw this online (you can get the file from Teacher’s Pet – I’m not sure the link is still working) I knew I had to have this for my new door.  Most of my new sprouts won’t be able to read it, but I’m hopeful their parents will read it to them and if not, I will.

Second, while I’m not a big proponent of Teachers Pay Teachers (simply because I like to share my stuff for free), when I saw these small round line up numbers for the floor, I thought, GENIUS!  They are so worth the $1.50. Not only will I be able to organize and manage my line with these, but they are just so darn adorable.  I also can imagine many numeracy and ordinal number activities.

So there you have it.  My two favorite parts of my new room.  Oh, I also have brand new Pete the Cat and Miss Bindergarten stuffed animals.  And a very fancy Smart Board.  And an exit door for games!  I’m totally overwhelmed with all the ‘newness’, but I’m also loving every minute of it.