Today when I got home from school, I found this in my pocket:

Now I have no clue how this got into my pocket.  I’m quite sure I didn’t put it in there.  I didn’t feel anyone fishing around my pockets.  My keys and Chapstick were intact.  I can only guess at who may have put it there… or why.

Perhaps it was a particularly fetching Lego creation they wanted me to see. Thing is, sprouts always call me over to ooh and aah over their creations. Maybe someone was in the midst of stealing it for themselves and then, at the last minute, had second thoughts and stashed it in the closest spot they could find… my pocket.  For all I know, it could have been one of the kids at bus duty and not even a sprout from my class…

Really I know nothing about it except I was a little surprised such a large Lego piece could be put in my pocket and stay there for however long without me noticing it… then again, if you teach kindergarten, you may understand.

I’ll bring it to school tomorrow and see if anyone recognizes it, but I’m no fool.  Nobody would fess up to the stowaway Lego in my pants.  I guess I’ll just consider it a mystery… and a gift.