Isn’t it awesome how adults sometimes hem and haw and worry over something and then the children just know how to handle it and, quite literally, show us the way.  This morning after our staff meeting I was really wondering what the morning would bring. Would there be questions? Would there be fear? I didn’t know what might come through the door.

It’s always good to be prepared, and we were.  We knew what to say, what not to say, how to react and how to comfort.  And do you know what happened?  Absolutely nothing.  There was snow on the ground and as usual, that was pretty exciting for us.

At eight forty, like they always do, my sprouts came springing in, smiling, waving, and hugging me.  As we ate breakfast, I thought, hmmm – maybe during Morning Meeting during Sharing.  Still nothing.

A little boy made a card for me with two people jumping rope.  I opened it up and he had written, ‘Mr. ______ and me jumping rope.  I love you!’ These types of gifts never stop warming my heart… and they never get old, but today it was extra special.

So, I figured either parents did what I had hoped and shielded their babies from the horror, or they did hear about it on Friday or Saturday and, as children have the ability to do so much better than adults, they simply processed it and were done with it.

I did look at my colleagues in a different light.  These amazing ladies, who I’ve always admired now seemed just a little more awesome to me.

All through the day, adults were checking in with each other – making sure nobody needed help.  We kept our chins up and made it through the day. My class sang, laughed, hugged, read, made patterns, played, danced, and held hands like we always do.  The routine of kindergarten kept my mind busy and the children, like they often do, distracted me from my own thoughts.

Tomorrow we’ll go back and do it again.  In addition to the stringent academic requirements we must go through (I’m always amazed how many people don’t know that we have to keep going to school to keep up our certification – and most of us have a Master’s Degree or are working towards one – we’re the most educated, least paid folks out there), we take our role as educators, protectors, and care givers of the children in our care very seriously.  Very.  We love our students like they were our own and they give it back in spades.

Today was pretty much normal in my classroom and I’m very grateful indeed.