Today, I was visiting a sprout in the nurse’s office who wasn’t feeling well. ‘Chaotic’ is not a word to throw round lately… the nurse’s office can be a place of pure chaos.  We have a new nurse this year and I’ve really started to grow fond of her. Here are a few things I’ve noticed about the school nurse:

  • She’d be better off if she was an octopus.  Eight arms would do her good.
  • Multi-tasking is the name of her game.  She literally is juggling five or six balls simultaneously.
  • She is an expert at reading cursive.  Teachers always send notes in cursive so sprouts can’t read them.
  • As she told me today when I pondered, “Maybe I’d be a good school nurse” – you have to be ok with lots of bodily fluids… I am not… she is. God bless her.

Clearly, I could never be a nurse.  Every time I’m in her office, all I can imagine is one of those people who spin plates.  Seriously, the are all coming at her, bleeding, crying, you name it and there she is, standing in the the middle, handling it all with ease.  When is School Nurse Appreciation Day? I need to remember to get her something.