Oh shapes.  We’ve been really trying to master our shape identification, especially the harder ones – Rhombus, Trapezoid, and Hexagon.  Most kids get the good old Circle, Triangle, Square, Oval, and Rectangle, but the other three are just plain hard.  In order to meet the end of year benchmark for shape identification, they need at least two out of those three.  Ugh.

So, we’ve been working at it.  We practice them, sing about them, and have our cup stacking game with shapes.  Well as we got ready for recess this afternoon, I figured I would have them each ID a shape to be dismissed.  I grabbed a stack of cups with shapes on them and got to work.

The first shape up was a Hexagon.  The first four friends sitting didn’t know it… ugh!  Finally, Billy’s turn came.  I wasn’t sure if he knew it or not, but he deserved a chance like the other four before him.

“Billy, what is this?” I asked, showing him the same Hexagon as the others.

“Octopus!” He declared with confidence.

Well everyone giggled. Now I’m never one to encourage children to laugh at an answer, but it was pretty funny.

“No, this is a hexagon, but good try!” Was all I could muster.

So tomorrow, I will go back and try again.  I’ll try my best to drill those shapes and pray that when I assess them next week, they’ve sunk in.