Oh how I love getting email from readers… here’s one recently sent:

Hi there!

I am a first year education student and I too am planning on teaching in a younger year classroom (anywhere from k-5) and am wondering whether you found that being a male in that position has caused you some difficulty? I know there are some parents who find it, for lack of a better word, odd that a male will be teaching their young ones, any thoughts?

Thanks so much,


This question never gets old.  I’ve written about it before and I don’t want to just copy and paste that post, but go ahead and read it, it covers most of your concerns.

All I really have to add to my previous post (seriously, you should read it), is to address the word odd.

What in the world is wrong with being odd?  Nothing I can think of… in fact, we’ve been reading and celebrating Dr. Seuss all week long and well, his characters, his language, are nothing but odd and we’re still reading and celebrating his life.

I say, embrace being odd – who wants to be ‘normal’, or worse yet, ‘average’?  Another word might be… boring… who wants that?  Not me.

As the genius himself said:












So Tyler, be odd.  Be You.  It’s worked for me.