Aug 07

So, if I go into my classroom tomorrow to start getting ready, does that mean summer is officially over?  Ugh.

My classroom was tiled this summer, so everything was gutted and placed in the hallway and is in a large pile in the center of the room right now.  Maybe I’ll take a picture of the heap of stuff.

Luckily for me, I don’t have to tackle it alone.  My fearless partner, Mrs. D. will be there helping me.  I’m hopeful we’ll get some work done and not just chat the day away… that tends to happen with us sometimes.  We’ve gotten good about working while we chat out of necessity, so hopefully we’ll make some headway.

We have our list of new sprouts – most of which are just names right now.  I did spot a few siblings of past students, which is always fun.  It’s wonderful when you already have that connection with a child and family from day one.  August is rolling along… faster than I may want, but there you have it.

When you do you go back?  How do you get ready?  How long does it take you?  Do you go in many times for shorter amounts of times or do a marathon?


  1. kim

    My room is also tiled and has to be waxed every summer. Everything is in such a mess when I get back. Our teachers start back on August 15th and I’m going in this week to start moving furniture and getting things in place before I have to start planning for the kiddos to come. I teach pre-k and 6 of my kids are returnees and I know I have 6 more with the possibility of getting another 6 for a total of 18. It’s exciting going back as well as sad that the summer is over. I’m looking forward to a new year of adventures. Good luck to you Matt in getting your room ready and for the year to come.

  2. Terrie

    We started back to school August 4th. I have 23 in my class. This is the FIRST time to ever teach Kindergarten in my 30 years of teaching, where 21 of those years was with 2nd grade. I really know what to expect on the first day. It was a horrible day. Thank goodness I have an assistant who has worked with the preschool ages for 8 years. Without her, I wouldn’t have survived. At the end of the day, I recharged, replanned, and Friday was much better. I am glad I found your site and will be checking in regularly for ideas and inspiration. Thank you!

  3. Cindi

    Our building was also retiled (must be the season of it, lol), although mine was one of two classrooms that didn’t have to have it done. I am more than thankful, as I had to move last summer from K-1st. I came with a 15ft UHaul if that provides a visual, lol. I’ve been working in my room for over two weeks now..I find I have to make “the LIST” in order to be able to cross things off (I’m ADHD, as well as collect tons of pictures from blogs..We start inservice tomorrow and my kids will come on the 15th. This is my 30th year, and in spite of experience, I am ALWAYS nervous and can’t sleep the night before. Maybe that’s why I’m still teaching after all these years! I LOVE IT!

  4. Paul McManus

    EVERY year all of the things touching the floor get relocated to te cafeteria for the waxing of the floors ceremony. One principal insisted that all books be taken off shelves, too, so we would have “NO WAXY BUILDUP!!” I had my shelves screwed to the wall and she stopped. Matt, I was in school a couple of weeks ago and they had JUST put my things in…..I repeated your comment to a janitor who let me know that this summer they put the furniture back in MUCH earlier than last year, so sincve then I’ve stayed away!

  5. Our first teacher workday is Aug. 22. I start back on the 9th though for training and workshop for a leadership position I will have this coming school year.
    Our school is going through renovations this summer. We are getting all new heating/AC. In the process they are taking out all the air ducts and ceilings and replacing ALL THAT! The last I heard they aren’t near being done. Not sure how we’re going to set up for the Open House the week of the 22nd! YIKES!

  6. Megan

    Teachers start back August 23rd and students August 29th. I usually like to get back into my classroom at least two weeks before school starts to get everything out of storage, because each summer the floors are waxed and everything touching the floors must be boxed up and put away. This year I am taking a belated honeymoon to Mexico the week before our in-services start, so instead of my usual small sessions to get things together, I’m gonna have to pull a marathon! Good luck on the new school year and I’m excited to see what you have in store for your little ones this year.

  7. Mary

    I am going into the same mess as many others. I am going back unofficially on Mon. In my district teachers go back the 23rd. Open house is the 24th so the room needs to look awesome. We do not have rosters : ( so I am unsure of the numbers this year. It will be a surprise. Oh well teachers are great at being flexible.

  8. Jola

    I officially reported back on the 4th, and school started on the 11th. I started moving into my classroom on the 25th of July. Hopefully this is my final move for a long while.

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