So, if I go into my classroom tomorrow to start getting ready, does that mean summer is officially over?  Ugh.

My classroom was tiled this summer, so everything was gutted and placed in the hallway and is in a large pile in the center of the room right now.  Maybe I’ll take a picture of the heap of stuff.

Luckily for me, I don’t have to tackle it alone.  My fearless partner, Mrs. D. will be there helping me.  I’m hopeful we’ll get some work done and not just chat the day away… that tends to happen with us sometimes.  We’ve gotten good about working while we chat out of necessity, so hopefully we’ll make some headway.

We have our list of new sprouts – most of which are just names right now.  I did spot a few siblings of past students, which is always fun.  It’s wonderful when you already have that connection with a child and family from day one.  August is rolling along… faster than I may want, but there you have it.

When you do you go back?  How do you get ready?  How long does it take you?  Do you go in many times for shorter amounts of times or do a marathon?