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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist

{sol16} Again. #sol16

This whole writing every day challenge is starting to wear on me.  Some days the muse visits and others, not so much.  Today, I’m writing about how difficult it is to write every day so you can guess whether she visited or not.  But I write, again. On the plus side, I do feel my writing is getting better, although I just used the adjective better to describe something, so.. Read More

{sol16} Spring? #sol16

    Yesterday was the first day of spring, so of course, we are having a full on snow storm here in New England.  A surprise snow day completes the picture and I have a ‘bonus’ day to read and write… and perhaps snuggle with June on the couch a little.  You can’t control the weather, so you might as well enjoy what’s given to you. Today I’ll try to enjoy.. Read More

{sol16} Someday. #sol16

A few years ago, I found a book on the two dollar table at my school’s book fair.  It wasn’t a title I’d heard of, but as I perused the pages, I saw it as an opportunity. Someday by Eileen Spinelli is a book of poems, told from the perspective of a child, reflecting on a dream for ‘Someday’ and then, what are they doing now, ‘Today’ to help them.. Read More

{sol16} On teaching. #sol16

I wrote this piece while working on my book a couple of years ago.  It never made it into the book, but I’m revisiting it now, for a few reasons.  First, I’m not longer a classroom teacher, so it provides a window into my mind during that time of my life.  Second, I’m looking at this as an opportunity to finish, edit and refine a piece I abandoned because I didn’t.. Read More

{sol16} Record. #sol16

  Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and the kindergarten teacher at one of the school’s I work pulled out all the stops.  For a fun motor break, she gave each student a gold coin and then had them walk in a circle and if they got ‘caught’ in a leprechaun trap (a hula hoop) they had to put their gold coin in the pot (she quickly gave them a new.. Read More

{sol16} Connection. #sol16

    One of my favorite St. Patrick stories to read to children is the lovely St. Patrick’s Day in the Morning by Eve Bunting. After hearing it for the first time a few years ago, it became a favorite of mine. The story is about Jamie, the youngest in a family of boys, who wants to prove to his brothers he’s not too small to march in the yearly.. Read More

{sol16} Flat. #sol16

I was positive a very loud motorcycle was following me.  For days.  It was the summer after moving to Maine and I had only learned to drive a few months prior in Chicago.  A city boy at heart, public transportation (and taxis) had always been my main mode of getting from point A to point B.  With my impending move to Maine, securing a driver’s license was essential. A gruff.. Read More

{solsc} Gifts. #sol16

Teachers of small children receive some of the most unique gifts during the holidays. Now let me be clear, I do not expect anything from anyone, and I am certainly not complaining about any gifts! I’m grateful just to be thought of and when I tell my students, my favorite gifts are usually pictures and notes from them, it’s actually the truth (there was that one time a mom smuggled.. Read More

{solsc} Sun. #sol16

It’s been a warmer than usual winter.  The sun seems to be winning its fight with Jack Frost as New Englanders wear shorts in fifty-degree weather – something this boy ‘from away’ wouldn’t ever consider. The sun is a magical force – literally the star of our solar system, shining it’s warmth and life on us freely, but what do we really know about it? As a child, I vividly.. Read More

{solsc} Chips. #sol16

I’m not sure who first had the idea to thinly slice and deep fry potatoes, but thank heavens it happened. There’s a reason folks say ‘You can’t just eat one’ – potato chips have to be one of the most addictive foods in existence. I’ve tried many methods for curbing the craving, or, at least, minimizing the mass.  My favorite strategy is using a bowl.  Smaller bowls are better for.. Read More