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My Journey Continues as a Literacy Strategist

{solsc} PD. #sol16

Yesterday was a PD day for my district’s entire K-2 staff.  Weeks of planning and preparing with my coaching partner, Susan were finally in play.  Unsure of how we were received, the feedback from staff was overwhelmingly positive.  Without even looking at the end of day survey results, teachers stopped me in the hallway on their way out and sent emails of appreciation and reflection. Leaving the classroom to become a.. Read More

{solsc} June. #sol16

June All the way from Georgia I traveled On a truck, in a crate, loud barking, crying, confusion Where am I going?  Who will take me in?  How will I survive? Light, dark, in, out, food, water, up, down Cold, cold, cold, who knew it could get so cold? Finally arrived, nobody is here for me so I’ll have to Live with a foster family for awhile The other dog doesn’t.. Read More

{solsc} Famished. #sol16

  Watching the first-grade teacher with her strategy group, I knew quickly this was a group of higher readers.  She was honing in on vocabulary and asking her group of three students to think of synonyms. The book was about apes, or was it gorillas?  In any event, it was non-fiction and she had highlighted a few words for them to try and come up with synonyms with – all.. Read More

{solsc} Talk. #sol16

When I taught kindergarten I was amazed at how many people gushed over kindergarten teachers.  No doubt, kindergarten teachers are a rare breed, but what I’ve learned in my new role is fifth-grade teachers are no less special. Last week, I observed a fifth-grade book club group and I wasn’t sure what blew me away more – the way the students led, prompted, supported, and negotiated the conversation or how.. Read More

{solsc} First. #sol16

“Do you know this little boy,” asked our school secretary standing at my door. I scanned his face. “No, he doesn’t look familiar,” I said, looking at his sweet shy face, clearly confused and afraid. “The other kindergarten teacher said he isn’t on her list,” she continued. “Well, he’s going to come right in and have breakfast with us,” I interrupted, leading him by the shoulder to an empty seat… Read More

{solsc} Squirrel. #sol16

One of the reasons I was so successful as a kindergarten teacher is I, myself have ADD.  As a child, I was never diagnosed (did anyone get this diagnosis in the 80’s?  When did it even become something talked about and diagnosed?  I don’t really remember other kids being as distracted as myself, but then again I was distracted… Ahh, but my ADD takes me on another path…), but finally, as.. Read More

{solsc} Katie. #sol16

One of my favorite parts of my job is placing new books in the hands of teachers and kids.  Every once in awhile, I stumble upon an older title that for whatever reason, the teachers I work with haven’t seen.  After looking for transitional chapter books with some first-grade teachers and they (and their classes) falling in love with John Himmelman’s Bunjitsu Bunny, I found out, none of them had read.. Read More

{solsc} Hug. #sol16

    When I made the shift to Literacy Coach, I was fearful I would miss the overwhelming affection from my students.  In kindergarten, the hugs were plentiful.  Rarely quantified, it wasn’t atypical to receive forty to fifty hugs a day.  In my new role, I interact with all the students in two schools, but not with the same level of intensity.  No doubt, the kids like me, but it’s definitely.. Read More

{solsc} Gasp. #sol16

  As a Literacy Coach, I have many ways I can support teachers.  Besides the actual coaching that goes on in classrooms, I’m often an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on, or even a cheerleader.  Sometimes, I’m a plant. Yesterday, in a combined 2nd/3rd grade classroom, the teachers were introducing the idea of poetry and poetry notebooks.  I was sitting on the floor near the students and was.. Read More

{solsc} Ready to learn. #sol16

When I started my new job last fall, there were so many new people and ideas to explore.  As I shifted my focus to helping teachers, the work that happened before the first day of school had my mind busy and not emotionally prepared for the day students arrived.  A school really comes to life when the children inhabit the hallways and classrooms and the first few days with students,.. Read More