Safety is a big deal at school. We have lots of different kinds of drills. Today we had our first planned evacuation to another building. Much like an outside safety drill (we don’t call it a ‘fire drill’ anymore), we all leave the building, but instead of meeting outside, we walk to one of the other school buildings on our campus. It’s not really a big deal unless you’re five.

We explained the drill to our sprouts during Morning Meeting. We went over all the expectations for behavior (no talking, staying together, walking in a straight line, etc.) and then, a few minutes before the drill, we bundled up in our winter gear and waited. When the evacuation was announced, Mrs. D. and I held our breaths and waited.

A funny thing happened. Our entire class was… amazing. Nobody talked. Nobody got lost. Nobody got out of line. Nobody acted like a crazy person. They were, quite simply, perfect.

When we got back from the long drill, I made sure to let them know how well they did. Perfect isn’t hilarious and doesn’t make for an amusing story, but it sure made my day.