Going back to school after an extended break (the kids had a week off) is always difficult.  I woke up late this morning realizing about fourteen things I needed to get done before the sprouts arrived… Up late and back to work – sounds like I’m ripe for writing a country song.

As the first few kids came in, no smiles, no hellos, no reply to my ‘Good Mornings’ – ugh.  This couldn’t be good.

Then something happened.  Will somehow arrived without me knowing and came up to me, from behind, without me seeing, and wrapped his arms around me.

“I missed you Mr. ______!” He smiled up at me.

And that was that.

About mid morning, when I dashed to the teacher’s room to use the bathroom (please, we’re lucky if we get to use the bathroom, there is definitely no online Cyber Monday shopping for teachers – are you kidding?), one of the school secretaries passed me and said, “At least you have the cute smiling faces to welcome you back.”

She was so right.  Cute smiling faces are worth their weight in gold.