I’ve written about it here and here… there is something about the platypus and this story and the ensuing plaidypus that is just magical.  I copied this pattern from another kindergarten teacher (who no doubt copied it from someone else…) so I can’t really take full credit.  Yes, that’s my handwriting on them, and probably not my best either, but it’s readable.

There are no ‘instructions’ per se, just some pictures… I trace my patterns onto oaktag or some other heavy paper and cut them out and then send them home to a willing parent with some fabric.  The parent then sews them with a sewing machine, attaching all parts, and leaving the hole for us to stuff and sew up.

Please note, there are two ways to make your plaidypus.  You can have yours ‘sit up’ like these:

Or ‘lay flat’ like these:

The pattern is the same for both, your parent helper will just attach the bill and tail differently depending on which you like better… I actually had two parent helpers and had both kinds and the kids got to choose which they wanted to make.

In past years I’ve hot glued buttons on for eyes (this is how it’s done in the story), but this year I either a) ran out of buttons or b) couldn’t find them so we used googly eyes instead.

So, read the story and make some new friends.  Here are the patterns!

(you’ll want to save these and print them out full size)