My new school’s PTA does Popcorn Fridays to raise money. Kids bring in 25 cents and get a bag of popcorn for snack. Now I have lots of kids in my room that I knew, for whatever reason, wouldn’t be able to bring in a quarter. 

A little guy came up to me and said, “Mr. _______, today is popcorn day!

But I don’t have a quarter.” His face visibly deflated and I felt terrible. 

I was contemplating how much it would cost me to buy popcorn for the entire class when a parent who was dropping her child off popped in and said, “I’m going to buy popcorn for the entire class… for the entire YEAR. It will be my contribution to the PTA.” 

I almost started to cry, but instead hugged her and promised her we’d be sending her thank you cards next week. 

This mom was an angel, just when I needed one.  There are amazing people out there who know that a 25 cent bag of popcorn can mean the world to a kid.