On Friday, we opened our Car Center.  We have a road mat and parking garage and lots of cars.  The kids just adore this center and because we only allow two sprouts at the mat and two at the parking garage, it helps those friends who have difficulty in larger groups practice social skills with just one other friend.

Ever the proud teacher, I always try to snap a few photos of the first few days with a new center for our class website.  I try to interact and get candid shots of them playing and interacting.  Well on Friday, at the Car Center, Jason wasn’t making my job easy.

He was playing with Sophie and they were really having a blast with the cars.  Quietly, I pulled my phone out to snap a few photos… by the time I had it ready, Jason had stopped, was frozen, and looking at the camera with a huge smile.

“No, Jason, I want you to just play, you don’t have to pose for me,” I instructed.

“Oh, O.K.,” he replied, but I don’t think he understood.

Again, I lifted my camera and again, he posed.

“You are a quite the poser,” I said.

He beamed back his best grin.

I did eventually get a few shots of them actually playing, but Jason sure didn’t make it easy.