I’m going to try and approach this the same way I do in my classroom.  As I tell my kids, “I’m not perfect.  Even teachers make mistakes.”

At times, I feel like nobody reads my ‘little blog’, but apparently, I was wrong!  I do wish folks would comment on the cute stories, you know the ones where I make a child smile or get a sweet note or hug, but I realize it’s mostly when you upset readers that you hear from them.

First, above all else, let me be clear, my intention was nothing more than to highlight a New York Times article that in itself, was highlighting the President’s call for quality early childhood education for all children.  That was it – pretty simple, or so I thought.

In my area – for the most part, when a child comes to my classroom from a ‘daycare’ as opposed to a ‘preschool’ there is a big difference.  Of course, what I’ve learned in the last day is that’s not the case everywhere.

There are wonderful day cares that offer play based curriculum and rich experiences.  They just don’t call themselves a ‘preschool’.

I also, never wrote that all children needed preschool, but some readers somehow read that.  I realize many children get rich wonderful experiences at home.  My point (and I believe that of the referenced article, which makes me wonder if some folks read it before commenting) is that not all children get those rich experiences at home, but all children deserve them.

So, my point remains.  Children, all of them, deserve a vibrant, play based, literacy rich, preschool experience.  And when I write ‘preschool’ I mean just that – before formal schooling – wherever it takes place.

I also want to thank those who participated in the discussion in a respectful and kind manner.  Peace!