“I can’t wait to be a beautiful princess.”

Dress Up is a wonderful place where anyone can be almost anything… those words, believe it or not, came from a little boy.

We opened Dress Up this week and had a long talk about how playing pretend means that anyone can pretend to be anything.  When you’re five, you shouldn’t let gender stereotypes hold you back and really, all my sprouts need to have a little fun is permission to let their imaginations fly.

Today, I saw a little boy with a dress on and a fireman’s cap.  I heard some talk of rescue and I’m not sure if he was the rescuer or rescuee, but he was having a blast either way.

As soon as one boy pops a dress over his head and slides on the pink pumps, the other boys follow suit.  It’s like they all want to try, but just need consent to take a twirl.  The girls love the firefighter and race car driver outfits too, and why not?  Dress up is a place for boys to be princesses and girls to be sheriffs.  I even had some rabbit ears popped on my head for a moment when I wasn’t looking.  If I can pretend to be a bunny, there are no limits for anyone… and that’s what I want them to learn more than anything – the sky’s the limit.