I know I’ve written about this before, but as I watched my sprouts with their Plaidypus babies today, I couldn’t help but revisit the topic… as I complimented each of them on their sewing skills, I realized, much like their teacher (who can barely sew a button on to save his life), it’s the journey that fills you with pride… even if said button is hanging by a thread.

The stitching of our little buddies isn’t going to win any contests, but do you think for one second it made them any less lovable?  On the contrary, much like the Plaidypus in the story, every rip, tear, and bit of wear is a badge of true love.

It truly is the process, not the product that matters most… in the case of our new friends, the journey we took, working together, many holding a needle and thread for the first time, watching their clumsy teacher burn himself repeatedly with the hot glue gun, and triumphing when we held our creations for the first time that makes them so special.

These are lessons to remember for a lifetime.  A little love can transform some leftover fabric and thread into cherished stuffed animals to name and cuddle… what else might it do?

(Tomorrow I’ll share the patterns and instructions to make your very own Plaidypus!)